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Note: this is the beta version of Klepto: Space Thief and will soon be removed. The latest version can be found here: https://contraryscholars.itch.io/klepto-space-thief

Klepto has craftily built his own cardboard simulation to train himself to become a master thief through various challenges in this 3D platformer.

This version of the game features 5 distinct levels themed around the Wild West (or at least Klepto's misguided perceptions of the Wild West) and will have players jumping, grappling and gliding through to victory. 

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Follow the game's development here: 



Klepto.zip 419 MB

Install instructions

Simply unzip the folder and run the executable. 


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I really enjoyed this demo! It captures a lot of the feel and nostalgia of old school 3d platformers while still having a unique identity of its own. 


Hey CoalFire, thanks for playing and thanks for the great video! Over the next few months, we'll be adding more content and optimizing the game to improve performance so stay tuned.